KIDIBOT – a great app for kids, parents and teachers

KIDIBOT is an awarded educational platform, composed from the website and KIDIBOT mobile apps on iOS si Android .

The kids enter on KIDIBOT, they answer quizzes (proving they’ve read various books) and they win points. With those points they help their team win battles and save the Earth from THE CROCOBETS.

The CROCOBETS are some nasty aliens that want to conquer Earth with two main weapons: stupidity and laziness.  KIDIBOT is a nice little robot from outer space that helps kids fight against these CROCOBETS.

On KIDIBOT you’ll find 3 account types: Kids, Parents, Teachers.
Kids’ accounts are made without identifiable information. They create their user selecting options from dropdowns, like ThePinkWhale7. They specify the class, the school, the town and the state. Automatically, the kids from the same class become team members.

If a parent creates a KIDIBOT account, he will automatically be connected with his kids.

On KIDIBOT we have many cool features to keep your kids hooked up on reading.
We have “RANKINGS”. Readers Ranking, Class/School/Cities Rankings. Here you will see the best anti-CROCOBETS fighters!

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